Final list of participants, June 26, 2011

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Diana Aga (University of Buffalo)

Don Baer (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Gordon Brown (Stanford University)

David Castner (University of Washington)

Alison Elder (University of Rochester)

Howard Fairbrother (Johns Hopkins University)

Tori Forbes (University of Iowa)

Franz Geiger (Northwestern University)

Ben Gilbert (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory)

Vicki Grassian (University of Iowa), co-chair

Robert Hamers (University of Wisconsin) co-chair

Christy Haynes (Universtiy of Minnesota)

Patricia Holden (University of California-Santa Barbara)

Albena Ivanisevic (Purdue/North Carolina State University)

Murray Johnston (University of Delaware)

Young-Shin Jun (Washington University - St. Louis)

Agnes Kane (Brown University)

Chris Kim (Chapman University)

Jamie Lead (Univ. of Birmingham, UK)

Linsey Marr (Virginia Technical University)

Scot Martin (Harvard University)

Sara Mason (University of Iowa)

Molly McGuire (Bucknell University)

Alexandra Navrotsky  (University of California-Davis)

Sherine Obare (Western Michigan University)

Galya Orr (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

R. Lee Penn (University of Minnesota)

James Ranville (Colorado School of Mines)

Omowunmi ("Wunmi") Sadik (University of  Binghamton)

Bill Schneider (Notre Dame University)

Chris Szakal (National Institute for Standards and Technology/NIST)

Chad Vecitis (Harvard University)