Workshop Report

Since the June 2011 NSF-Sponsored Workshop on Nanomaterials and the Environment: The Chemistry and Materials Perspective was convened in Arlington, Virginia, interest in this topic continues to grow.  This report captures some of the issues, questions, and challenges that were discussed during the two-day workshop, along with high-priority research topics identified by workshop participants as essential to advance the field . This report does not cover all research needs in this area but instead focuses on fundamental, molecular-level problems that can be approached using a chemistry and materials perspective.  The intent of the report is to lay a foundation and provide a framework for articulating some of the research needs, from fundamental molecular perspectives, for scientists interested in the environmental health and safety issues associated with nanomaterials.

Vicki H. Grassian, Workshop Co-Chair

University of Iowa

Robert J. Hamers, Workshop Co-Chair

University of Wisconsin

Click here to download a copy of the final, published workshop report (posted 12/05/2011)

Click here to download a copy of Appendix D (participant contributions)  (posted 8/27/2011)